A St. Timothy Student is………….

A Spiritual Catholic
Who is an active participant in the Church.
Who is reverent and respectful of God, self, and others.
Who shows tolerance for all life.
Who makes moral decisions based on Catholic teachings.

A Globally and Culturally Aware Citizen
Who is a responsible leader in the community.
Who is just and civic-minded.
Who is proactive in preserving the environment.
Who knows and appreciates diverse cultures

An Active Learner
Who uses logic, critical thinking, and problem solving.
Who applies effective oral and written communication skills.
Who can work both independently and cooperatively.
Who produces high quality work.
Who is committed to life-long learning.

A Creative Thinker
Who is aesthetically minded.
Who appreciates and participates in performing and fine arts.
Who is innovative and adapts to different learning styles.
Who applies lessons across the curriculum and in daily life.

A Motivated Individual
Who shows sensitivity and courtesy.
Who maintains a healthy, fit lifestyle.
Who sets meaningful goals.
Who has a strong sense of self.