The St. Timothy graduate is a well-rounded, well-prepared good citizen with character and compassion.

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A St. Timothy Student is………….

A Spiritual Catholic

  • Who is an active participant in the Church.
  • Who is reverent and respectful of God, self, and others.
  • Who shows tolerance for all life.
  • Who makes moral decisions based on Catholic teachings.

A Globally and Culturally Aware Citizen

  • Who is a responsible leader in the community.
  • Who is just and civic-minded.
  • Who is proactive in preserving the environment.
  • Who knows and appreciates diverse cultures

An Active Learner

  • Who uses logic, critical thinking, and problem solving.
  • Who applies effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Who can work both independently and cooperatively.
  • Who produces high quality work.
  • Who is committed to life-long learning.

A Creative Thinker

  • Who is aesthetically minded.
  • Who appreciates and participates in the performing and fine arts.
  • Who is innovative and adapts to different learning styles.
  • Who applies lessons across the curriculum and in daily life.

A Motivated Individual

  • Who shows sensitivity and courtesy.
  • Who maintains a healthy, fit lifestyle.
  • Who sets meaningful goals.
  • Who has a strong sense of self.