The St. Timothy graduate is a well-rounded, well-prepared good citizen with character and compassion.

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St. Timothy School educates the whole child, and prepares students to contribute to a changing and challenging world. We believe that education is created through all aspects of student life – academics, athletics, and social activities as well as faith-building community service. St. Timothy School’s high learning expectations support the development of a spiritual Catholic, a globally and culturally aware citizen, an active and enthusiastic learner, a creative and analytical thinker, and a highly motivated individual with the confidence to succeed.

St. Timothy School teaches its advanced and academically challenging program in a supportive and nurturing environment that stimulates and encourages each student to achieve their goals. Our curriculum includes the Saxon math program, the Early Literacy Program, specialized phonics, vocabulary and writing program, science experiments, Service Learning Program, and more. We are proud to introduce our iPad Program for Pre-K through 8th grade for the 2013/2014 school year. We embrace the new era in educational tools and the power of digital innovation to enhance teaching and learning to best prepare our students for high school, college and beyond.

In addition to the academic curriculum, St. Timothy School offers instruction in the areas of music, spanish, technology, physical education, library enrichment and fine arts.

St. Timothy School’s grading policy is designed to raise the bar for our students and encourage them to achieve. As a result, the St. Timothy student is exceptionally well prepared for graduation from elementary school and advancement to secondary education. We are proud of our graduates and attribute their success in part to our uniquely designed academic program.


“I could go on about the academics, curriculum, small class size, unbelievable amount of attention every student receives from their teacher, superb families with similar values, extensive sports and extracurriculars, very qualified teachers and Principal. My kids are happy, bright kids with strong friendships, a moral compass and they always want to go to school and learn.”

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“This School is a hidden treasure. The teachers are excellent. the school feels like a family, and the campus is a nurturing environment. Small class sizes, beautiful families and a top notch education is what you will get! The principal is so involved and always has a positive look on everything.”

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