The St. Timothy graduate is a well-rounded, well-prepared good citizen with character and compassion.

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About STS

St. Timothy School philosophy


Our school inspires each student to adopt his/her unique role as a child of God.  We recognize the importance of teachers and parents as the primary educators who develop our students to their maximum potential.  Our school goals embrace the spiritual, intellectual, social, aesthetic, physical and psychological needs of our students.

Our emphasis is on “excellence in education” with high expectations regarding student achievement, Catholic/Christian values, and liberal arts.  We are committed to the following goals:


  • to instill Catholic/Christian values and guide students to a meaningful relationship with God through the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.


  • to provide a balanced curriculum according to individual needs.
  • to build a strong base for lifelong learning and enhanced academic achievement.
  • to develop techniques for critical thinking, analysis and logic.


  • to develop positive and resilient attitudes, self-esteem, confidence, and social and emotional security, in every student.


  • to develop self-discipline and good citizenship within the school, home and community.
  • to foster an appreciation and respect for self and others
  • to instill a sense of group achievement and teamwork.


  • to develop physical skills for individual and team sports, while stressing the value of good sportsmanship.
  • to develop acceptable and important standards for good nutrition, health and hygiene.